We would like to express our best impression of working together with the company Lemi Trafo JSC.

Our cooperation started in 2011 when we were looking for manufacturer of high quality distribution transformers for the Nigerian market. During our visit in the factory we have seen very well structured production process and management system with equipment for the manufacture guaranteeing high quality of the products. Together with Lemi Trafo we made two exports for Nigeria in 2012 and one in 2013 of three phase distribution transformers with rated power of:

- 300kVA, 11/0.415kV
- 300kVA, 33/0.415kV
- 500kVA, 11/0.415kV
- 500kVA, 33/0.415kV

In the projects implementation we did not face any problems and all transformers arrived, are installed and operate properly at sights in Zamfara State, Nigeria.

We can assure you that Lemi Trafo is a company meeting customer’s requirements asregards technical and administrative conditions. The deadline for manufacture and delivery always has been strictly observed. Our clients in Nigeria are pleased to have a partner manufacturing products of such high quality.

Our intention is to continue our joint work in the future and together to increase the projects on the Nigerian market.

We would like to recommend Lemi Trafo and assure you that if you choose this company you will have on your side very good partner striving for improving the quality of products and services that offers.

Mira Stöcker
(Managing Director)

Present recommendation is given to Lemi Trafo JSC as a confirmation that the company has delivered following to the order of “BAT PROING” d.o.o. oil-immersed transformers 4000kVA, 35/10.5kV – 4pcs in total. Lemi Trafo executed these deliveries within the terms, determined in the conditions for purchase and delivery and with quality according to our requirements.

We recommend Lemi Trafo JSC as a reliable partner.

Aleksandar Bogavac
(General Manager)

We would like to confirm that the team of Lemi Trafo JSC has delivered to our site in the city of Gabrovo the following electrical equipment:

1. Transformers TMC2, 2500kVA, 10/0.42kV - cast resin - 2pcs.
(According to the terms and conditions for purchase and delivery that apply to this order)

2. Transformers 3500kVA, 10/0.42kV - cast resin - 2pcs.
(According to the terms and conditions for purchase and delivery that apply to this order)

The equipment was delivered within the terms, determined in the conditions for purchase and delivery and with quality according to our requirements.

We would like to thank the Lemi Trafo team for their professional attitude with which they accomplished the order an we recommend their services.

Leroy Reid

The company Lemi Trafo JSC has been our regular partner for many years, and it makes periodic deliveries of cast resin distribution transformers, as well as of oil-immersed hermetically sealed distribution transformers of its own production for the needs of Energo-Pro Grid AD with former name E.On Bulgaria Grid AD.

Lemi Trafo has been approved  as a supplier of the above mentioned transformers due to the procedure done for public procurement. In its capacity of a producer as well as of dealer and importer, the Company has direct contacts with the producing factories to ensure on-time deliveries of high quality. The delivered transformers have nominal voltage of 10 kV and 20 kV or 10/20/0.400 kV through switching a switch with an outer operation for all type of power. The transformers are in conformity with Bulgarian State Standard EN 60076-1:2001 (IEC 60076-1).

The product quality meets the exploitation requirements in power energy.

The articles have all required documents: certificates, written statements of factory tests, guarantee cards, passports, guarantee for exploitation properties and reliability. The company Lemi Trafo proved to be a correct partner who strictly follows its obligations. Deliveries are made within agreed, as well as in accordance with the Emloyer's requirements.

The facilities and equipment, as well as the team of experts at the Company can guarantee a reliable and fast decisions to manage unforeseen pressing situations.

The Company has accredited Quality Management System ISO 9001. We consider that the company Lemi Trafo JSC is a reliable and trustworthy partner who has proved its positions by quality execution of all commissions.

Martin Mirchev
(Member of Managing Board)

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria confirm hereby that in reference to awarded to our company contract we have used Lemi Trafo JSC as sub supplier of the following transformers:

1. Republic of Cabo Verde, project name:
Palmarejo Power Station Extension II - one unit oil-immersed auxiliary transformer 1250 kVA, 20/0.400 kVA ONAN in year 2010.

2. Arab Republic of Egypt, project name:
El Shabab Power Plant - three sets of active parts for oil-immersed auxiliary transformers - 8 MVA, 15/606 kV, ONAN in year 2010.

Lemi Trafo has performed all activities related to design, production and delivery of the above transformers. Delivered under the above project transformers from Lemi Trafo fully complies with the technical requirements of the project and the end client. The transformers have been energized in April 2011 and since then they are operating in a satisfactory manner. We do not hesitate to recommend Lemi Trafo as reliable business partner for delivery of oil-immersed transformers.

Iliya Dimitrov
(Transformers Sales Director)

We are glad to certify that our company EXPROM Sarl located in Beirut - Lebanon, is in close and thrust full business relationship with the factory Lemi Trafo and we have realized successful many contracts, for the delivery of about 1000 distribution transformers from 160 kVA up to 4500 kVA 11/20/0.410 kV or 15/20/0.410 kV.

Lemi Trafo transformers provided to be of high quality with long life and competitive prices, one of the best product installed on the Lebanese electrical, especially for their endurance to overload in hot climate. We have imported and installed the transformers on the Electricity of Lebanon network, in big project of the country, such as: International Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, including Central Bank, Residence for important personalities in Lebanon.

Our contracts with Lemi Trafo were executed in compliance to the tendering conditions, taking into consideration the high quality and the delivery periods and we have no claims about the delivered material and no claims for delay in the deliveries.

We are also supplying Lemi Trafo transformers in Africa: Liberia, Nigeria, Algeria, Guinea Equatorial, Congo and many executed contracts were for Yemen, Afganistan and Iraq. We are looking forward to carry through our excellent business relationship with them.

Hanane Itani
(General Manager)